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Jasmine scent sanitizer

Jasmine scent liquid gives great after use experience

Alcohol-based Liquid

Natheef hand sanitizer comes in Liquid form containing 75% alcohol

Complete protection

Natheef hand sanitizer kills 99.99% virus and bacteria on surface


Kills the contagious microbes on hands

Looking at the present-day situation around the globe, it is more than necessary to keep ourselves safe all times from harmful viruses and bacterias.

Natheef brings you the best of protection from harmful microbes and viruses for a safe and healthy life

Offered for single use and bulk purchase as well

3ply Face Mask

Cost effective masks for safety

Face Mask offers great protection from microbes and pollution

Natheef N95 masks are available for the public at the most affordable rates as well as for bulk purchase as well

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Applications of Natheef products

For personal protection

Our 50ml bottle is highly portable and can be used on the Go.

For Clinics and Office spaces

Natheef hand sanitzers are well suited for Medical clinics/Hospitals/ Offices spaces and well home use as well

For Gyms and Fitness Centers

Natheef is providing hand sanitizers bulk supplies to Gyms and fitness centers as well

Easy refill and cost-effectiveness

Natheef provides a cost-effective 5Ltr refill jar at affordable rates for refilling the other smaller ranges bottles for a large and longer usage

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Key features of Natheef Hand Sanitizers

Best in Class product

Best in class product for sanitization and hygiene at affordable rates

Usage and Applications

Natheef range of Hand sanitizers are ideal for Personal and office use as well

Jasmine Scent

The sanitizer is made up of Jasmine Scent Liquid disinfectant

Anti Viral Properties

WHO certified disinfectants used


Our hand sanitizers come in 50ml pocket bottles, as well 500ml, 1Ltrs & 5Ltr Refills

Chemical Composition

Contains 75% Alcohol which kills 99% virus and bacteria

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Lets fight the Virus Outbreak
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